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22 Dec 2014




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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 22 Dec 2014

A boot disk is always a useful thing to have. You never know when the operating system fails and you need to recover or purge data, flash the BIOS and so on. WiNToBootic can help you create a Windows To Go boot disk on a USB flash drive or on an external hard drive. The application is lightweight and its functionality is straightforward. It takes only two or three clicks to start creating a boot disk.

WiNToBootic is offered completely free of charge and it works on all popular Windows versions. It consists of a single executable, which you need to extract from a ZIP archive, so there is no need to go through an installation process. There are no prerequisite tools that need to be installed and you don't have to sacrifice too many resources.

The application's compact user interface presents two main options, for targeting and formatting a removable drive and for selecting a Windows installation kit. The application is capable of creating boot disks, using data from various sources, like DVDs, local folders or ISO images.

Although there is not much to look at on the surface, WiNToBootic has many advantages in terms of functionality. It provides full boot support for Windows Vista and all later editions, up to Windows 8, including various Server editions. It also provides boot support for Win PE2, PE3 and PE4. Another clear advantage is the fact that WiNToBootic is portable and that it doesn't rely on any external tools.


WiNToBootic is capable of creating Windows To Go boot disks from ISO images and other sources. It provides boot support for various Windows versions. The application is portable and it doesn't need to be installed.


WiNToBootic can't format FAT32 drives to NTFS. You have to do it yourself in Windows Explorer. If you need a Windows boot disk fast, WiNToBootic will help you create one as fast as possible.



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